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Open Standing MRI

Open Standing MRI

The Open Standing MRI, The G-Scan

The G-scan is a revolutionary MRI platform for all musculoskeletal applications including the spine, which provides unique additional diagnostic elements. The open and tilting design is a new and innovative way of doing MRI in India which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the outcome of the examination.

Imaging the spine in its natural, weight -bearing position has always been one of the targets and challenges of MRI development. There are significant bio-mechanical changes from the recumbent to the weight-bearing position, and several pathologies are affected by these mechanical changes. MR imaging of the spine in the natural standing position is therefore the most logical solution, and that is exactly how the G-Scan gives a better view.

A Boon for Claustrophobic and Anxious Patients

The open design of the G-Scan is such that even the most claustrophobic patient will have no problem in getting his scan done.